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02 May 2027 @ 10:16 pm
ok, have decided, as of today - Wednesday May 2nd 2007 that my LJ, will now be friends only. i'm to lazy to go back and edit all several hundred previous entries; BUT, from now on, a majority of it will be friends locked, bar the occasional thing :D

you know the deal, right, comment to be added XDDD but dont add me unless you have a good reason, like... say, we have things in common :D please leave your name, favourite pair of socks and a small square of Japan here and i'll get back to you!

also, i just thought i'd say... i'm not actually cutting people.. im just preventing others i dont want, reading my shit really. not that its actually in any way shape or form interesting.
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30 October 2007 @ 02:30 am
a cut for your convenience! ^_^ or just click if you want to read my Gazette review!Collapse )

Edit: Ok, well I forgot to mention that all the people I was in the queue with on the Friday evening and Saturday were wonderful. ♥ I would do it all again if I could. I miss the atmosphere actually. .__.;; I miss the whole thing really. I want it to be that weekend all over again.
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[SELLING] Gazette ticket for London gig - 27th October 2007
Hi there!! ^_^

I'm selling a ticket for the London Gazette concert in October. why? coz my friend isn't able to attend basically, and i need to sell it on!

it'll be for the same price i bought it for which was £25 + the fee of £3.87 = £28.87. I'll be able to mail it to you, and, any secure postage you want, will be extra, unless your happy for it to be in the post. preferably only to people in the UK as it'll be quicker to send.

as for payments. I'll accept cash, [at your own risk] or a bank transfer. i don't have pay pal. [oh the woes of being under 18 xD]

I'll only post the ticket after I've received the payment.

If your interested; email me at miyavi_desu[@]hotmail.co.uk [remove brackets before emailing!!]


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